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Master Key – Week 18 – Gratitude


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!!!

As I sneezed, sniffed and coughed my way through week 18, I am filled with gratitude for the play date with the 3 year old where I caught the cold; my great health in spite of the cold; the ability to stay home and take care of myself; my wonderful, supportive husband, loving daughters and awesome grandchildren!

I’m bursting with gratitude for the #MasterKeyExperience and my introduction to the 7 Day Mental Diet. Somehow over the last week or so I slipped off my diet and realized some days that my mind ran amuck with negative thoughts.

Many times it took me longer than 7 seconds to realize I had gone off on a mental tangent, of which I am not proud. Reliving old hurts or insensitivities. Ruminating over stuff that happened days, weeks, months even years ago. How is that helpful? Why are my thoughts going there?

Once I caught myself and extinguished the stinking thinking, again I had such a sense of gratitude for the 7 Laws of the Mind. The law of substitution kicked in and I replaced those negative thoughts with positive ones.

I have gratitude for the master mind alliance and my master mind partner. We dialogue, listen closely to each other, laugh and encourage one another. We agreed to restart the diet together today. She’s on the east coast, I’m on the west but we’re working in harmony to support each other’s DMP success. Check out her week 18 blog

How can I possibly express my gratitude for the Ted Talk that was featured in week 18? To see the scientific data that affirms what we’ve learned and done for weeks is amazing. Writing 3 gratitudes, performing 2 random acts of kindness, a nightly written statement of a positive experience from the day, exercise while listening to or reading my DMP and the sit. These 5 seemingly small acts actually makes us happier people.

I offer heartfelt gratitude to Mark J., Davene, the digital connection team, all the guides and every participant of the #MasterKeyExperience. Shuffling through those accomplishment cards allows me to remember that I’ve done some pretty cool things in my life.

I’ve been an obituary reader for many years so imagine my surprise and gratitude when that became an assignment! A very wise man once said in order to understand life you must first study death. I like looking at the photos and then the age of the deceased. Did the family choose a recent photo or one from several decades ago? I feel sadness when the person is young. As Og asks “is it that they have accomplished their purpose?”

I’d like to think that we are honoring the lives of those whose obituaries we read. Acknowledging that they made a difference even to a total stranger who looks at them and wonders what they would do to trade places with me. This act heightens my gratitude for breath in my body and another day, another opportunity to create value.

#MasterKeyExperience. #There’sNothingLikeIt!

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  1. Awesome Anaya!!! I love Shawn Archor’s video. You made me feel grateful and happy. Thanks!

    • Great video huh! I’m grateful that I can be encouraging in any way. It is my desire that I chant to manifest each day so I truly appreciate your message. Have a beautiful day.

  2. So many wonderful things manifesting in our lives. One of my gratitudes over the last week or so was how much wonderfulness is manifesting in my classmates’ lives.
    Jean recently posted…Week 18 – I AmMy Profile

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