My Master Key Experience

Master Key – Week 15


Happy New Year Everyone!

It has been challenging for me to write my blog for Week 15. I was unclear what to blog about.

While I didn’t do much holiday celebrating, I still fell behind in my Master Key readings and sits and my blog. Yikes!! I’ll blame my husband for being home from work and underfoot, suggesting we do spur of the moment fun things. :) I love and appreciate him so much!

Oops! Not only did I fail to blog, I also failed to do my OATS and schedule my week(s) consistently. In truth, even the unexpected family time could have been anticipated. It’s not like this is the first holiday we’ve ever spent together. Duh!

However, it is the first one where I was involved in the #MasterKeyExperience. I am so grateful, there’s #NothingLikeIt.

The good news is that there were many things I did do consistently. Everyday twice a day I did my Buddhist practice of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, the name of the law of cause and effect. I also shared this gift of Buddhism with people I encountered. Therefore, because of this consistent practice I knew the #MaserKeyExperience things I missed were covered.

No, it is not my goal or intention to regularly skip an exercise in my #MasterKeyExperience, but I won’t berate myself if it should happen. I’d like to think my husband can see some subtle changes or shifts in me as a result of my participation in the #MasterKeyExperience. It seems that now I can make comments related to our exercises and he’s more open to hearing them without dismissal. He listens to me when others ask “what’s with the shapes?”

I’m very proud of myself and I promise next time I’ll do even better. I always keep my promises. Aanya

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